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UOIT Teaching Awards

Update 2016/2017  Teaching Awards :  The Teaching Awards for 2016/2017 are under review this year and will not take place. If you would like to make suggestions on ways to recognize great teaching at UOIT please email 

  • Teaching Award Winners List

    Teaching Award Winners list:


    • Janette Hughes, Faculty of Education, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Teaching Faculty – No nominations this year.
    • Ronald Bell, Faculty of Science, Teaching Assistant 


    • Dr. Isaac Tanblyn, Faculty of Science, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Dr. Richard Bartholomew, Faculty of Science, Teaching Faculty 
    • Roberty Burden, Faculty of Business and Information Technology, Teaching Assistant


    • Dr. Wendy Barber - Faculty of Education, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Jennifer Laffier, Faculty of Education, Teaching Faculty 
    • Julianne Baarbe, Faculty of Helath Sciences, Teaching Assistant


    • Dr. Sharon Lauricella,Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Kari Kumar, Faculty of Health Sciences, Teaching Faculty
    • Sonja Stadler, Faculty of Science, Teaching Assistant


    • Diana Petrarca, Faculty of Education, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Josh Lowe, Faculty of Business and and Information Technology, Teaching Faculty
    • Emily Bremner,  Faculty of Health Science, Teaching Assistant


    • Dr. Dhavide Aruliah, Faculty of Science, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Paula di Cato, Faculty of Science, Teaching Faculty
    • Rami El-EmamFaculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Teaching Assistant





    • Dr. Remon Pop-Iliev, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Dr. Sharon Lauricella (Loverock), Faculty of Social Science, and Humanities, Teaching Faculty
    • Cristina Banica, Faculty of Science, Teaching Assistant


    • Dr. Liesel Knaack, Faculty of Education, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
    • Ilona Kletskin, Faculty of Science, Teaching Faculty


    • Dr. Otto Sanchez, Faculty of Health Sciences, Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty

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