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Celebrate Teaching

The University of Ontario Institute of Ontario Celebrate Teaching! Awards program highlights excellence in teaching, teaching innovation, and educational leadership at the university. The program acknowledges the impact instructors of all kinds have on our campus and our community.

Nominations for the 2018 University of Ontario Institute of Technology Celebrate Teaching! Awards are now closed. Join us for the Celebrate Teaching! Ceremony on Thursday, March 28.

See what our students have to say about their instructors

"I looked forward to going to all his lectures. He taught in a manner that made it easy to stay engaged and want to keep learning. He demonstrated passion towards teaching the subject and truly cared about teaching the students."

"[My professor] is amazing. Her courses are tough but I enjoy the challenge. Knowing this I am motivated to study hard and I end the semester satisfied knowing I have gained an immense amount of knowledge."

"He was absolutely amazing and genuinely cares for his students! He was the reason I kept trying in the semester. He always encouraged us every class without fail and made us feel special."

"[She] is a very effective teacher. She takes time going through the concepts and does an amazing job explaining the problems with very good examples. She goes through these examples in detail and gives us a chance to think about what we are doing." 

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