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Teaching Innovation Fund

Please note that the application period for the UOIT Teaching Innovation Fund ended on March 19, 2018.  Please check this page for upcoming updates and announcements.

The UOIT Teaching Innovation Fund (UOIT-TIF) is available to assist UOIT faculty members and instructors in developing, implementing, and disseminating research and innovation in university teaching. UOIT-TIF supports areas including, but not limited to:

  • Innovative instructional practices and strategies
  • Pioneering educational content
  • Teaching-related research

Updates to the UOIT-TIF

Effective winter 2018, four (4) key updates have been made to the UOIT-TIF.  These updates aim to broaden the nature of applications that may be submitted by extending this opportunity to more individuals in teaching roles at UOIT. These updates are summarized below.

  • The timeline for funding may be allocated over one or two years.
  • Monetary requests of any amount are encouraged. However, a total fixed amount remains available for any particular year. Note that smaller budget requests will not decrease the chances of being awarded the UOIT-TIF.
  • The UOIT-TIF is now open to anyone in a teaching role at UOIT, including sessional instructors. Part-time and sessional instructors must apply with a collaborator that is a full-time continuing instructor at UOIT.
  • The definition of expenses has been expanded and may include equipment costs. Please refer to the submission guidelines for more information.

Funding and Eligibility


UOIT-TIF provides seed money from a fixed fund, rather than covering the ongoing expenses of a project or innovation. Applicants can apply for funding for one (1) or two (2) years of project costs and a wider range of budgets may be submitted. We encourage the application of projects in any amount – smaller budget requests will not decrease the chances of being awarded a UOIT-TIF grant.

The following expenses are not eligible for support from UOIT-TIF:

  • Faculty reimbursement
  • Journal subscriptions
  • Professional memberships
  • Equipment and/or software normally provided by the university, unless it is required for use outside of a UOIT course.


This award is open to any UOIT instructor, including tenured and tenure-track professors, teaching professors, and part-time or sessional instructors.  Part-time and sessional instructors must apply with a collaborator that is a full-time continuing instructor at UOIT.

Important Dates

Application deadline: Monday, March 19, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Other important dates will be posted.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals should be prepared in the UOIT Teaching Innovation Fund Application Form and must include:

  • Applicant and collaborator(s) contact information and details
  • Details of the proposal including:
    • Description of the project
    • How the project addresses one or more of the three support areas listed above
    • Effect on university teaching and learning and how your project will enhance student experience and achievement
    • Target student cohort(s)
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the project
    • Support from the institution for success of the project
    • Relevant literature references
  • Project timeline (one or two years)
  • Dissemination of the project results at UOIT and beyond
  • Project budget: if hiring research/project assistants or other personnel, include hourly rate, benefits and number of hours employed (contact Human Resources or your Faculty office for current rates)

Proposals will be reviewed by the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee based on the submission guidelines indicated above. 

Other Information:

  • The UOIT Intellectual Property Policy applies to projects funded by and supported by the TIF. To review the policy, click here.
  • Please email the completed UOIT Teaching Innovation Fund Application Form electronically to
  • Please email, if a form with space for more than two (2) collaborators is required.

Download the Application FORM
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