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Faculty Instructions

UOIT Course Survey Dates

  • Winter 2017 Scheduled for March 20, 2017 to April 3, 2017
  • Spring 2017 Scheduled for May 29, 2017 to June 12, 2017
  • Summer 2017 Scheduled for July 24, 2017 to August 8, 2017

Faculty/Instructor Common Questions

  • Download course evaluation instructions to post in Blackboard

    Instruction for course survey for students to post in Blackboard

    To download the instructions for the course survey for students please click here. 

    1. Access URL:

    2. Log-in:

    ● enter your 9 digit student ID 10………
    ● enter your date of birth
    ● Then click “log in"

    3. You will see a list of all courses you are taking. Follow the instructions there to access and complete only the surveys for this course and professor, including surveys for labs or  tutorials which are part of this course. If you have more than one professor for this course, be sure to complete a separate survey for each.
     Please note that you will be given time in your other classes to complete the surveys for those courses.

    4. When you have completed each survey, click the “SUBMIT” box.

    5. When you are finished, click the “Sign Out” box.

  • Tips to Increase Your Course Evaluation Response Rates.

    Communicate with your students to increase engagement.

    • Announce when the evaluation period will begin and give clear instructions.
    • Assure absolute 100 % confidentiality.
    • Explain how course evaluations benefit the student, the course and the institution as a whole.


    To ensure students complete evaluations, consider the following.

    • Send early reminders 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled evaluation.
    • Give in class reminders reiterating the importance of student feedback and participation.
    • Give in class time to complete the survey. 

    Mid-term Surveys

    We recommend to help with course feedback that instructors send out mid-term surveys to your students to gain insight into what is working well and areas of improvement. Mid-term surveys can be done in the format of a simple survey using Blackboard or Google Forms.  Surveying your students regularly gets them use to the concept of filing out surveys and prepares them for the final course evaluation survey.

  • Monitor your response rates.

    Monitoring your live course evaluation response rate

    To monitor your course evaluation response rate(s) for your course(s) please click on this link

    If you have concerns or issues please email 

  • Availability of Results

    Scheduled Release Dates for Course Survey Reports to the Faculty Office


    UOIT Course Evaluation Report Release Date

    Fall 2016

     December 23, 2016

    Winter 2017

    April 30, 2017

    Summer/Spring 2017

    August 30, 2017


    The results of the evaluations are provided to the instructor as soon as possible after the submission of
    final marks. In addition, the results shall be made available to the following:

    • Curriculum committees and other review bodies/individuals: for purposes of curricular review;
    • Deans: for purposes of mentoring faculty, allocating merit pay and selecting candidates for teaching
    • awards; and
    • Tenure and promotion committees: for their mandated purposes.

    Faculties may decide to disseminate the results more broadly. The university encourages faculties to make
    quantifiable results available to students.

  • Are course evaluations the only assessment of an instructor's performance?

    Course Evaluation Assessment For Instructor's Performance

    The main purposes of seeking student evaluation of teaching are to assist faculty members in monitoring
    and developing their effectiveness as teachers and to assist faculties in monitoring the quality of their
    curricula. Important additional purposes include identifying professional development needs, assisting in
    decisions regarding tenure and promotion, assisting in identifying exceptional teachers for teaching
    awards and documenting exceptional teaching.

    On at least one occasion per course, feedback is provided to all instructors in the form of a universityapproved
    questionnaire, the results of which go to the faculty in the person of the dean to support
    curriculum review and tenure and promotion processes, and to the instructor. The university also strongly
    encourages instructors to make use of ongoing course evaluation and regularly to inform students of how
    previous feedback has led to modification in the teaching of the course. Courses in which seven students
    or fewer are enrolled need not be evaluated.

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