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Student Instructions

Course Evaluation Questionnaire

1. Access URL:

2. Log-in:

● enter your 9 digit student ID 10………
● enter your date of birth
● Then click “log in"

3. You will see a list of all courses you are taking. Follow the instructions there to access and complete only the surveys for this course and professor, including surveys for labs or  tutorials which are part of this course. If you have more than one professor for this course, be sure to complete a separate survey. Please note that you will be given time in your other classes to complete the surveys for those courses.

                                                                                             4. When you have completed each survey, click the “SUBMIT” box.

                                                                                             5. When you are finished, click the “Sign Out” box.

Download Student Instructions For Course Surveys

Please click here to downloand the instructions for students for course evaluation.

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