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Certificate in University Teaching for Teaching Assistants

Registration is now closed for the semester.


The Certificate in University Teaching for TAs is offered to all teaching assistants and graduate students who are interested in developing their teaching practice and engaging in a community of practice along with their peers in the UOIT teaching community. The richness of the program is in shared experiences and the new connections that are formed.

If you are a faculty member or instructor who is interested in the program, please visit our Certificate in University Teaching for Faculty page.

The certificate program consists of 14 modules, which include an examination of learning theories, issues in academic integrity, intercultural communication, and an exploration into learning technology. Participants will also have the opportunity to facilitate modules with their peers. A presentation on personal teaching philosophies and teaching best practices will conclude the program. There are two in-person modules, at the beginning and at the end of the program. The remaining 12 modules are delivered online through Adobe Connect (for synchronous modules) and Blackboard (for asynchronous modules). Each of the 14 modules takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Learning Outcomes

On the successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Actively engage in a community of practice through discussion and reflection to critically evaluate teaching practices and classroom strategies.
  • Utilize evidence-based strategies to develop and enhance practice as TA.
  • Articulate a personal set of good practices as TA including effective communication, time management, and professionalism.
  • Make informed choices regarding the use of various learning technologies in your teaching practice.
  • Create a poster (print or digital) which expresses a personal set of good TA practices based on investigation and analysis of teaching and learning practices.


  • Attendance/participation in 10/13 modules - includes completion of ‘exit ticket’ for each completed module
  • Observe two classes and fill out an observation/reflection form
  • Presentation of personal set of good practices as a TA (pechakucha or 3 minute thesis style)

Program Dates

*BB = Blackboard (asynchronous), AC = Adobe Connect (synchronous) 

Module Title  Delivery Method Date 

1: Intro

In person + BB

Oct 6, 2017

2: Good Practices in Undergraduate Teaching

BB only

Oct 20, 2017

3: Intercultural Communication


Oct 27, 2017

4: Academic Integrity

BB only

Nov 3, 2017

5: Learning Outcomes


Nov 10, 2017

6: Good Practices for Grading

BB only

Nov 17, 2017

7: Life Hacks/Time Management


Nov 24, 2017

8: Effective Feedback

BB only

Dec 1, 2017

9: Active Learning


Jan 19, 2018

10: Technology and Teaching

BB only

Jan 26, 2018

11: Learning Theories


Feb 2, 2018

12: Critical Incidents

BB only

Feb 9, 2018

13: Mental Health and Wellness for TAs

BB + In person

Feb 16, 2018

14: Poster Session/Pecha Kucha

In person

Mar 2, 2018

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