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Past Workshops


Large Classes

New and experienced instructors alike can find large classes challenging. In this interactive, engaging workshop, we will explore strategies for teaching large classes in online, face-to-face, or hybrid settings. You will have an opportunity to discuss and compare strategies with your peers.

Excel Imports & HTML in Blackboard

There are a few little-known features in Blackboard that can help manage tasks in the Grade Centre, groups and content areas. In this workshop, participants will explore options for importing and exporting data using Excel in the Grade Centre and groups and using basic HTML to alter the appearance/layout of certain content types in Blackboard.

Audio and Video DIY

Learn the basics of filming with DSLRs, inexpensive audio solutions, DIY lighting. Bring in your equipment if you want to learn on your own camera. Recommended for instructors who are interested in creating their own video or audio recordings for their courses.

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