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Adobe Connect

  • What is Adobe Connect?

    Adobe Connect is a synchronous platform for virtual classrooms, collaboration, and office hours. Participants communicate through webcams, audio, and chat. Virtual classrooms can use whiteboards, presentations, breakout rooms, polling, video, audio, and images.

  • Why would I use it?
    • Bridge the connection from in-class to online classes.
    • Synchronous group activities in breakout rooms
    • Provide virtual office hours
  • How do I get started?

    To request an Adobe Connect room, please contact your Faculty Scheduler and provide the following information:

    •  Course name and CRN
    • Instructor (include Banner ID)
    • Additional TAs or instructors who require access (include Banner IDs)
    • Day/time/duration of course

    Your request will be forwarded to the central Scheduling Office, and then the IT department.

    When your Adobe Connect room is set up, you will receive an email with a link to your virtual classroom. This is the link you will share with students,

  • Resources

    A collection of TLC-produced videos on various aspects of Adobe Connect can be found on the TLC's YouTube channel.

    Help and set-up documents are available in a Google folder.

    Contact the TLC for one-on-one consultations on Adobe Connect, including to arrange practice sessions:

  • Where do I get help?
    Contact the TLC:
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