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Blackboard is the university’s learning management system (LMS), used for course content administration at UOIT. It is an online platform in which students and instructors can access content and various communication tools for each of their courses. Courses in Blackboard are automatically created for undergraduate courses at UOIT and students are automatically enrolled through Banner prior to the start of the course.

Instructors can use Blackboard to post course materials including the course outline and weekly course materials, assignment information and important announcements. There are also options for creating assignment areas for students to submit work, online tests, discussions, group tools and more.

Students can access information related to their courses, submit electronic copies of assignments, complete online tests and communicate with their classmates, teaching assistants and instructors in Blackboard.

Blackboard organizations are available to Faculty, departments and recognized groups as online collaboration spaces to share similar interests and goals to further enhance the UOIT learning experience. All new organization requests must have an owner (faculty) and a backup both responsible for content, usage and registration of participants. All requested organization names will be reviewed and must be approved by UOIT prior to creation.

Getting Started

You can login at using your Banner ID as the username and your network password. Your courses should be available within the My Courses module upon logging into Blackboard.


  • Post the course outline
  • Post weekly content (slides, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.)
  • Create electronic assignments and tests
  • Create online groups for assignments and discussions
  • Keep students up-to-date on their progress in the course through the Grade Centre

Best Practices

For consistency between courses, use the Content section in your to post weekly content. Review the tips for preparing and selecting instructional materials

Course Themes
If you are choosing customized themes for your course site, ensure that there is a good contrast between background colours and text and avoid distracting patterns or loud colours.

If you are using Blackboard to administer a test, use the Online Testing Checklist to ensure your test will go smoothly. Avoid cutting and pasting question text directly from Word, Google Docs, etc. Use “Paste as Plain Text” or remove formatting before cutting and pasting. Test the assessment before making it available to students to preview any formatting, special submission requirements, etc.

Make sure you submit final grades on time, in the correct format. Students may need their grades to register for a pre-requisite, apply to other programs, or stage academic appeals and timely receipt of their grades is important. View this video tutorial for the submission of final grades to Blackboard. 

NEW for Fall 2017: Final grades can be downloaded from Blackboard and uploaded into MyCampus. Learn more about this process by downloading our Learning Library infosheet. If you encounter any errors during the upload process, please refer to the Updating Errors on the Validation Report document.

The Teaching and Learning Centre has a collection of resources and tutorial videos to help you use Blackboard in your teaching practice. If you need help using Blackboard, visit our Help and Support section below.



Help and Support

If you’d like one-on-one support on Adobe Connect, contact the Teaching and Learning Centre by emailing . There are also faculty development workshops available.

Register for a Blackboard Workshop

The Technology Peer Mentors program, offered through the Student Learning Centre, is offered to students who require assistance learning to use various tools used at UOIT including Blackboard.

For technical support, including password issues and issues related to MyCampus uploads, contact the IT Service Desk. For additional support using Blackboard, please complete our Blackboard Support Request form so the Teaching and Learning Centre staff can better assist you.

Blackboard Support Request Form

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