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Kaltura Media Platform

Kaltura is an external media management, authoring, and streaming system integrated within the Blackboard LMS. It comes with an easy-to-use rich feature set.

Kaltura has a suite of features that allow you to easily integrate video into your course to increase student engagement. Kaltura provides a better viewing experience by adapting to the best stream for the type of device and network connection. Kaltura lets you:

  • Upload Videos, images, and audio to Blackboard
  • Embed YouTube videos in Blackboard course content
  • Record your screen, webcam, audio, and PowerPoint
  • Create in-video quizzes
  • Sync PowerPoint slides
  • Attach closed captioning files to videos for accessibility purposes
  • Attach supporting materials to videos, like documents, spreadsheets, or presentations
  • Insert chapters and slides to make navigating video selections easier
  • Create clips and trim videos
  • Add video collaborators as Editors and Publishers
  • Share video among your other courses in Blackboard
  • Usage analytics

Getting Started

See our Kaltura video tutorials in the TLC Learning Library tab to get started.


  • Embed quizzes within video to let your students self-evaluate their learning
  • Easily associate closed caption files with videos for accessible learning
  • Create a course media gallery (a YouTube-like channel) that you and your students can use to upload video, images, and audio. Then, make it social and allow commenting.
  • Students can upload/create videos in Blackboard, within assignments, discussion forums, wikis, and journals
  • Measure student engagement with video analytics


The Teaching and Learning Centre has a collection of tutorial videos to help you get started using Kaltura.

1. Adding the MyMedia Module

2. Install CaptureSpace

3. Upload a Video to the Media Gallery

4. Adding Media to a Content Area

Help and Support

If you’d like one-on-one support on Kaltura, contact the Teaching and Learning Centre at There are also faculty development workshops available.

Register for a Kaltura Workshop

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