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  • What is Turnitin?

    Turnitin is software that is commonly used to identify text in a submitted paper that matches text in other sources and to provide feedback on student papers.  Turnitin provides the ability to generate originality reports which indicate the percentage of matching text in a given paper (from online journals, periodicals, websites and the Turnitin repository) and highlights matching text so faculty and students are able to see exactly which portions of text match other sources.

    Turnitin can now be used directly within Blackboard.

  • Why would I use it?

    At its best, we believe that Turnitin is a learning tool.  In an effort to promote academic integrity and provide students with a clear visual of the amount of text that may directly match other sources in their written work, Turnitin assignments may be useful. If you choose to enable students to view their originality reports and re-submit before the due date, they can identify areas in which they neglected to properly paraphrase or summarize before the final draft is submitted.

    You might also be interested in utilizing Turnitin’s feedback tools.  You can can provide inline comments, use embedded rubrics and add voice notes in Turnitin assignments.

    Turnitin also offers peer graded assignment and revision assignment options.

  • How do I get started?

    Contact the Teaching and Learning Centre for training on Turnitin.

    You can begin to use Turnitin directly within your Blackboard courses.  By selecting the Assessments tab in any content area in your course, you can choose Turnitin Assignment and begin creating your assignment.  Turnitin assignments created within Blackboard will be linked to the Grade Centre.  Once students submit their work through the Turnitin Assignment in a content area in your course, you and any other graders in the course can access submitted attempts through the Grade Centre.

    The use of Turnitin is not mandatory.  If you choose to use it in your course, it should be noted on your course outline.  Furthermore, students have the option to opt out of using Turnitin.  If they choose this option, they must arrange with you other alternative ways to show that their work is original (examples: drafts of their work, an annotated bibliography, etcetera).  A cover sheet is also available.  For more on this please visit the Course Outline Template and Turnitin page on the UOIT Academic Integrity site.

  • Resources

    The following video provides a brief introduction of Turnitin.  Please note that the Turnitin Assignment tool is now available directly within Blackboard.

    Here are a few additional Turnitin resources: 

  • Where do I get help?

    If you have never used Turnitin or would like a refresher on how to use it, please contact us at  It is important to discuss the various settings that can be applied within Turnitin assignments and to understand how those settings may affect the originality reports that are produced.

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