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Google Tools

  • What are Google Tools?

    G Suite for Education is a suite of collaborative applications for use by UOIT faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

    Collaborative applications include

    UOITNet Calendar Icon Calendar Integrated with Gmail and interoperable with popular calendar applications.
    UOITNet Docs Icon Documents Collaborative Documents
    UOITNet Drive Icon Drive Storage, File Management, and Collaboration Permissions
    UOITNet Forms Icons Forms Data collection and surveys
    UOITNet Gmail Icon Email email address
    UOITNet Hangouts Icon Hangouts Video conferencing, voice, and chat
    UOITNet Sheets Icon Sheets Collaboarative spreadsheet
    UOITNet Sites Icon Sites Create your own website
    UOITNet Slides Icon Slides Collaborative slides with real-time Q and A
  • Why would I use them?
    • Use hangouts for office hours
    • Share files with students
    • Produce collaborative works with colleagues and students
    • Create surveys with Google Forms
  • How do I get started?

    You can login to G Suite (formerly Google Apps) for Education through Blackboard or If you do not have an account, a link to the request form in addition to other G Suite information is on this IT Services Page.

    The G Suite login link is located in the top right section of the Blackboard interface.

    Shows the location in Blackboard to login to

  • Resources


    Here are some resources on Google Tools!

    Clicking on this link will open a Google Drive folder.

    You may download, use, and share any resources found there.

  • Where do I get help?

    The Teaching and Learning Centre can provide training to any UOIT instructors and teaching assistants who use UOITNet G Suite for Education.

    For any technical issues with UOITNet G Suite, the IT Service Desk should be contacted.

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Have questions about Google Tools? Want to provide students the opportunity to collaborate with .net resources? Contact us and we will reply promptly! We are happy to help you experiment, innovate, and succeed!

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